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Saturday, July 16, 2016

CT Timeline - So Many Tears

CT Timeline for Patty of Honored Scraps using a simply stunning kit called I Love You - this is a mini kit that evokes feelings of love with very subtle shades of light pink and gray meshing together in a very lovely kit of pure elegance.  You can go lots of different directions with this one, from a feeling of showing love everlasting or even of lost loves and tears of sadness.  You can purchase this amazing kit exclusively at CDO here.  I chose to use a gorgeous new tube by Zindy Nielsen and also the theme of lost love and sadness.  This was more made out of a feeling of sadness and grief for all of the pain that everyone feels for the world's very sad events.  You can purchase this tube at Zindy's store here.  (SO happy she is selling her tubes again!)


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