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Monday, November 3, 2014

CT Tag and PTU Cluster Pack 2 *Autism Angels*

CT Tag and PTU Cluster Pack 2 for *Honored Scraps*.
I am using her part of the *Autism Angels* Collab
All proceeds from sales will be put into a fund
for Patty's oldest daughter. Please READ:

*My oldest child Kayla is severely autistic (non verbal low functioning). The only way she communicates at home is by yelling and some sign language. However at school she uses an i-pad and is able to communicate with them (when she's hungry, needs to go to the bathroom, etc) so we want to get her an i-pad for home to hopefully have her flourish at home as well. As you all are aware they are very expensive so Shani and I are donating all funds raised from this collab towards that. I'm also looking at ways to get a grant as well but so far hitting a brick wall. My job as her Mama is to make sure she has everything she needs to help her.*
Thanks everyone!!!
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