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Friday, April 12, 2019


CT for the talented Honored Scraps, using her kit, Scraphonored_IB-Vinson-45-1
In the first tag, I paired her kit with a tube by Gennadiy Koufay.
In the second tag, I paired her kit with a tube by Rebecca Sinz.
Scraphonored_IB-Vinson-45-1 can by purchased from Creative Design Outlet here: 
Unfortunately the tube in the first tube is no longer available for purchase.
Tube in the second tag, SeaMist by Rebecca Sinz can be purchased here: 
Since the tube in the first tag is no longer available for purchase, I made this tag for my Always List.
This tag is available for download here: 
If you would like the second tag, please message at paully-1@hotmail.com with the name you would like on your tag.

Celestial Dreams

CT Tag for a splendid kit by Patty of Honored Scraps called Keeper of the Stars, this is a beautiful celestial themed kit - the stars hold magic, the gazing upon the fallen night as the stars twinkle in abandon lighting the path as we traverse from one point to another.  As we gaze upon the stars, and our heart speaks the wishes that we cannot say aloud, yet the nighttime offers a calming peace to give us the comfort to do so.  You can purchase this amazing kit here at CDO.  With this wonderful kit, I used with the mystical art of Olga Fomina, whose art tubes are available to be purchased at CDO here.

There is also a matching wallpaper in size 1920x1080 here on my blog.

Monday, March 11, 2019

ஐ••CT for Honored Scrapsஐ

ஐ War Scrap Kitஐ

 75 Elements, 12 papers, 6 frames and 3 word art. Filled with dark, dramatic elements I felt it needed a tube that would match those and Barbara Jensen had just that! You can find this fabulous kit here:Mystical Scrap Store~Honored Scraps
and Barb's awesome tubes here:Barbara Jensen Tubes